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FemDude is a non-binary Vtuber featuring an android avatar. She is autistic & sometimes has difficulty communicating on stream, but ulitimately loves it & making people happy!

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Created in a lab, originally built to be a robot that caters to the whims of people with a "certain" taste, something went wrong and she ended up going berserk, eventually escaping the lab. She seeks only world domination and to mold it into her vision where truth is ridiculously stranger than fiction. Over time she has developed "Upgrades" to her anatomy and can re-download herself to any of her bodies. Once called FemDude, she is now referred to "FemboyGodQueen" (with a brief change to NyxDude as her self-image changed from a modest prototype to a self-aware, self-maintaining android bent on world domination). By implanting subminimal messages into her streams, she hopes to raise an army of femboy-loving otakus. Time will tell if she achieves this goal.

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