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FantasticMrJack, also known as Jack, is a chaotic, loud, male VTuber. They tend to upload gameplay of games of varied nature such as horror, RPGs, adventure games, and more. Jack has also done other types of videos such as commentary videos, reactions, iceberg videos, and skits. Jack does not have an organized upload schedule, which caused his video frequency to be rather sporadic.

Jack is known to suffer from actual phasmophobia.

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Without memories of his past, Jack spent what little he can remember under a bridge in the slums of New Neolondon city. Forced to go hunting on the streets for survival, breaking into shops to steal food and water. Soon enough his antics earned him a bounty on his head and he became a local legend, no matter how close the local police got to catching him, he would always slip away at the last second.

One stormy night, as Jack took comfort from the cold rain under his trusty bridge, he encountered a stranger who offered him a pizza. After this show of kindness, Jack developed a strong sense of gratitude and admiration. The stranger, a twin-tailed raijuu in the form of a kitsune called Bea, never imagined that Jack would follow her from that point on to the ends of the earth. It is in one of their misadventures that they encountered "Chibitora", a shape-shifting familiar that immediately bonded with Jack over their love for pizza, attaching itself to him in the form of a hoodie, its shapeshifting properties enhancing Jack's abilities.

And so, Bea's neverending travels took her across cities and continents, and wherever Bea went, Jack was sure to follow. (Much to her dismay.)

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