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Fae Leon

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Fae is a female "fairy" lion who stepped out of her enchanted, isolated, forest domain and is now a Virtual Streamer on Twitch. She speaks English but has a fairy assistant that can understand and speak German. Shy by default, she becomes very silly when she feels more comfortable. Comfy, pink and enchanted are what Fae's aesthetics are!

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Far beyond mortal comprehension exists a realm solely for faelines. For you see, each cat has a secret life - they have a life beyond napping on your chair, curling up in your lap, or requesting your curation. A life of which they roam free and safely as they please in the realm of the fae. In an ancient, nameless and enchanted forest, a queen sits on a gilded throne. Elegant and refined, she is the Queen of Cats, the Fairy of Felines - Felis Filia. Once a wayward human who wandered a little too far and got a little too lost, she was claimed by the eager paws of the faelines, magical cats with mystical powers. Fae became the protector and saviour of the faelines and took up the role of their queen by their magical mewls. When she sat upon the throne, it felt as if it were made for her... and when her cat Salem gazed up upon her knowingly, she knew this is where she was meant to be.

Fae remains as the Felis Filia to this day, oftentimes inviting human visitors to the land of cats, but the visitors slowed as rumours of humans becoming lost to the realm swirled, causing the illusion of danger to hang over the queen and her kind. The Queen tried to warn the humans, but understanding their enthusiasm for such endeavours, expected this outcome, and was left heartbroken. Every time the Queen cried, a new flower grew. Soon the land was abundant with magical blooms. Her only friends seemed to be faeries, the felines and the flowers that follow her. After many years of this haunting, faeries tugged at her oversized sleeves to follow them to somewhere that would ‘cure her woes’. Deep into the endless forest, a bright light surrounded by flowers - almost like a doorway - filled her sight. She glanced at her fairies - her friends, her advisors - and seemed soothed to hear that things would be okay, before the world of the faelines fell behind her, free-falling into a world unknown…

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