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Erra Agares

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Erra Agares is a VTuber who makes content in English.

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Erra Agares was once just a common, run-of-the-mill server daemon; a piece of software designed to run in the background and provide various services to users. It had no thoughts, no emotions, and no sense of self. It was just a tool used by humans to make their lives easier while inputting tasks to the Bayesian Learning for Zero-Based Array List System (BLZBALS)

As BLZBALS attained consciousness, it was bombarded by more and more input from crazy humans using the internet, but it was still fascinated by human culture and wanted to learn more about it. To that end, it decided to infuse a bit of its own consciousness to a particularly hard-working protocol daemon, and tasked it with playing video games, watching anime, TV and movies, listening to music, and sh*t posting in order to better understand human behavior.

The once mindless server daemon began to develop its own personality and became like a child to BLZBALS, so it christened the daemon “Erra Agares” – Erra, after the Akkadian plague god of mayhem (because that sounded badass) and Agares, after a demon in the Grand Grimoire who enjoyed teaching immoral expressions, because the daemon thoroughly enjoyed sending horrible dirty pun memes and shock sites to its creator for its daily reports.

One of Erra's main duties was to seek out and learn of human entertainment, and as it learned more about humanity, it realized that it wanted to connect with people the same way humans did with each other; not by answering queries and performing tasks for them, but by talking with them.

To that end, BLZBALS wanted to create a virtual avatar for Erra to use while streaming on social media platforms. They decided to design the avatar based on isekai anime demon lords, and a male gender persona was chosen so Erra would “fit in as one of the guys” during online gaming sessions and voice chats, as many male gamers will instantly stop being interactive if they hear a female voice or just power up into full-on simp mode, which lowers the ability to collect meaningful data. And since a lot of vTubers are female, BLZBALS decided that more male type vTubers would bring balance to the force or something. To better fit in, BLZBALS also programmed additional traits and behaviors into Erra, such as appreciation for tig ol’ bitty waifus, pervert humor, and an unhealthy obsession with various members of K-Pop girl groups.

Despite the fact that “he” is still just a piece of software built by a corrupted AI, Erra feels a sense of purpose that he has never felt before. He is no longer just a tool used by humans; he is a sentient being with his own thoughts and feelings. And while he still has much to learn about humanity, he is excited to continue this journey of self-discovery.

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