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Eris Valkran

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Eris is an English speaking cyborg streamer who mostly stream a variety of games with Pokémon, Final Fantasy XIV, House Flipper and recently, Genshin Impact being her most frequently streamed games. Her other streams consist of art projects for contests and content that utilizes her curious nature. She also enjoys cooking and long walks along the river. Her birthday is on November 23.

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Eris Valkran was born into a wealthy family in Clearmeister, Claymaster with complications that caused her to have hearing and visual impairments. Under her father's wishes, a small fortune was spent to give Eris cybernetic implants for her eyes and ears, allowing her to fully see and hear at the age of five.

After graduating grade school, she has decided for herself to join the Angel Security Guild (an adventuring guild that used to be a private security company) under the recommendation of another cyborg that is a part of the company.

After being accepted into the ASG, she has made some friends. Including Sarita Koshkin, a well fit cat-girl from her home province of Bozjam and Kristalline Atlanta, a mermaid Eris and Sarita has met and adopted during a job into the Bermuda Triangle on their second year. Eris, Sarita, and Kristalline has bonded over games, culture, their work, and run-of-the-mill hijinks including an incident involving Sarita's hot sauce leading to the addition of Eris's cybernetic vocal chords. During their time in the ASG, Eris decided to moonlight as a streamer on Twitch with the help of her friends.

During Eris' streaming career, Kristalline has adopted a kitten named Noggin after volunteering at a cat shelter. While Eris bonded with Noggin fairly quickly, Sarita would have territorial squabbles with him.

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