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Enzo Grayscale

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Laid back lizard Vtuber that drinks and knows things.

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TL;DR: Outlaw father and sons run a bar and hunt bounties after selling their souls to a Great Lizard Spirit in an alternate history of the Old West

(Rough Draft/Shortened Version)

Current Cast of Characters:

-Enzo: The main character with a big heart and a smooth brain. He specializes in mid-range fighting using a pair of revolvers -Junior: Enzo's brother who's clever and a cynic. Specializes in explosives and favors a shotgun in regular fights -Pops (Joaquin): Father of the boys who is forever haunted by his past as an outlaw -The Gray: The Greater Spirit that Pops and the boys serve under. Contemplative and calculating, his end goals remain unknown

Our story begins in a version of history where the legends of the old west are more than real, they're integrated into society. Clashes between the forces of the Divine, Demonic, and Spiritual are common occurence around these parts. The most powerful of these factions even receiving support from across multi-dimensional lines.

It is here we focus in, not on Enzo, but his father in his prime as he's about to rob his first train. Joaquin Felipe Cortes is the only surviving son of the infamous outlaw Antonio Salvador Cortes, better known as "El Jefe". Despite being raised alongside outlaws, Joaquin had a better sense of right and wrong. However, he still wished to prove himself to his father that he was worthy of being the heir to one of the most notorious gangs in the wild west. And so he and the other banditos in his posse boarded the train. Eager to declare his prescence while providing a distraction, Joaquin burst into the main cabin and grabbed the nearest person to take as a hostage. Much to his downfall, that person would be a young lady attractive enough to make the young man fumble the words to his rehearsed speech. Fumbled as it was it still managed to hold everyone in place until one of his men called out letting him know that the loot had been secured. Joaquin took a good long look at the young lady he held hostage before letting her go and jumping onto his horse. As the other Banditos cheered the successful robbery, Joaquin stared at the train as it made its way to a prosperous looking town.

Early the following morning after a change of clothing, Joaquin left a note behind as he mounted his horse and began riding towards town. Upon his arrival he began his search for the young lady that he had met on the train. As luck would have it, he found her just after midday. He followed her around for a while when he discovered a very disheartening truth. She was the daughter of a Texas Ranger, and a dangerous looking one at that. Disappointed but not discouraged, he waited until they went their separate ways. He waited until the moment was just right when he 'accidently' bumped into her. After a brief exchange and a lie that his occupation was as a hunter, Joaquin learned that the young lady's name was Maria Celeste Hernandez.

Using a portion of his share of the loot from the robbery, Joaquin would spend the next several months away from his father and the gang courting Maria. Joaquin had grown comfortable in the false life that he had created, and even managed to gain a sliver of approval from Maria's parents (If only by the thinnest of margins). Several more months pass and Joaquin not only forgets his past life, but cements his new one as he proposes to Maria.

The two are happily married and eventually own a small homestead not far from the town. It is at this humble home that two boys are born. Enzo and Junior Cortes. A proud father and husband, Joaquin could not be happier than to be with the love of his life and his two sons.

Paradise, however, is not meant to last. After four years, El Jefe had grown impatient and finally tracked down the son that had abandoned him. When he and the rest of the gang arrived at the little homestead, El Jefe wasted no time and ordered his men to open fire. After the volley of gunfire had finished, El Jefe smiled as he tossed a cigar onto a hay bale next to the house. The homestead was soon up in flames and the gang rode off into the sunset, satisfied with their act of violence.

Joaquin was riding back from a hunting trip when he saw the smoke in the distance. Panicked, he spurred his horse into a gallop and rode towards his home. He felt a chill down his spine as he kicked down the front door and began frantically calling for Maria and the boys. He caught the sound of crying which led him to where the boys and Maria were. He lifted Maria's limp body and quickly went back out the door with the boys right behind him. Now outside the house, he checked Maria's pulse and felt only the growing coldness of her skin. It was at this time that Maria's father and a band of Rangers appeared on the scene. Angry at the death of his daughter, the veteran ranger blamed Joaquin and banished him and the boys from the town. Days pass without much food or water as Joaquin spots a cave in the distance. Desperate for any semblance of shelter, he brings the boys inside. A cool breeze greets the tired souls as they walk in. Joaquin observes the interior of the cave only to find that the inside is a massive room of darkness. It is here that a threatening voice calls to him. Startled, he demands to know who is calling him. A mass of inky shadows form into the shape a of giant lizard, identifying itself only as "The Gray". His time with his father's gang had led him to see a variety of different celestials, demons, and spirits, but never one so grand in scale and aura. Joaquin knew that he found himself in the prescence of a Greater Spirit. Desperate and defeated, he quietly begged that the great spirit grant sanctuary to him and his boys.

Against all odds, the great spirit granted the request on the condition that the three of them enter into his service. With no other option available, Joaquin accepts the terms of the deal. With a drop of blood offered for the pact, the once dark and empty cave transformed itself into a cross roads, complete with an open sky and vegetation. The Gray explained that all Great Beings have access to their own pocket dimensions, from which they can customize its appearance as well as connect to other worlds for support. As Joaquin and the boys were taking in the scenery, a sharp jolt of pain shot through their body. Joaquin fell to his knees and the boys began crying in agony, a transformation was occurring. Scales formed where skin once was. Their tail bones grew and lengthened into the shape of a scaly tail. The whole process, while it felt a lifetime, took only 30 seconds to complete. The Gray dubbed them all members of the Grayscale clan.

Twenty-four years later, Enzo and Junior have learned all of Joaquin's (Now known as 'Pops') skills. They became expert marksmen, survivalists, demolitionists, and brawlers. Their skills are used to hunt down bounties, both in their world and in others. All the while a bar had been built inside the pocket dimension in order to accomodate allies and supporters from different origins. In one such world, Enzo discovers a new technology that he brings back to their home. A computer. With the guidance of one of their patrons, Enzo managed to connect this computer to others via something called 'internet'. Curious and wanting to expand his knowledge and influence, Enzo powers on the mysterious device.

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