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The Blood Elf VTuber, in Eldr'naan attire symbolizes her twin's bond. She offers various content. In her past times, she explores Silvermoon City, hosts a lore podcast, shares Fortnite clips on TikTok, designs Warcraft-themed clothing for Ko-fi, and manages r/ElvenTomeClub, a Reddit roleplay book club, enriching her virtual presence with creativity and engagement.

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Descendant of Aeman and Theine Brightsong, Alarlana was born in Sunstrider Isle. Her mother (a High Elf) fell in love with a Night Elf Demon Hunter, and they had two children, twins, Alarlana with blood elf features and Mirael who was born with the features of her father. Mirael was a devoted DH who took on her father's duties before she passed away. Their father has since passed away from a broken heart of losing Mirael, but their mother lives on, a retired tailor in Silvermoon City whom Alarlana visits in between her Warrior duties. Although Alarlana misses her twin dearly, she wears her ashes in a charm around her neck. In Alarlana's free time, she is trying to become Silvermoon's first Vtuber. With technology advancing (thanks to the mecha-gnomes) in Azeroth she spends her free time streaming her favorite games. Alarlana is Ambitious, charming, energetic, and very entertaining. She gets into awkward but funny situations around Azeroth which has made her popular amongst her peers. She is also very caring and will go out of her way to help anyone in need.

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