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Elowen is a fire fox vtuber, not to be confused with the browser. She often streams a variety of games, with a focus on Skyrim and League of Legends. She has a naughty and nice side and is always great for a good laugh or jump scare reaction. Stream is mature and may contain spice and ara ara's. You have been warned. wink

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Elowen was once a witch who dabbled in fire magic and worshiped Brigit, the goddess of fire and art. She had learned her craft well and was able to attain immortality at a relatively young age. One freakishly cold winter, she met an adorable marble fox who insisted on following her back to her home. She took the fox in and named him Merl. They became inseparable and she soon realized at some point, his mortality would catch up and she would be left all alone. She started a ritual and begged with Brigit to share a piece of her soul with Merl if he could only be made to live forever with her. Brigit answered her please, but in a unique way. Merl and Elowen would each need to exchange a piece of their souls with each other in order to share immortality. In doing so, Elowen gained her lovely fox ears and tails and Merl gained the ability to have a humanoid form. They now enjoy their life together, ever connected.

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