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Eljebel Ghoul

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Eljebel Ghoul is a Ghoul Vtuber who enjoys streaming art and games. She streams art of her webcomics and usually plays horror games.

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Eljebel was born hundreds of years ago, in the Arabian desert. Being a Ghoul, she frequented graveyards and consumed the flesh of corpses.

However, as modernity came about, Eljebel found herself intrigued by all the things humans do for fun. She found herself wanting to be just like them! So, Eljebel took on human hobbies, particularly art and gaming.

But it wasn't enough.

Eljebel wanted to share her hobbies with the world. Thus, she picked up streaming. Eljebel hopes to unite the world of humans and monsters through streaming what she loves.

However... she can't help but crave that corpse flesh still.

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