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Electricutie is a female wholesome iyashikei virtual streamer with a 90/Y2K aesthetic. She is an independent streamer and is the leader of the V-Liver group Dejidachi. She started streaming in hopes to overcome her social anxiety and make friends, something she finds difficult IRL due to selective mutism.

She predominantly makes content in English, although she demonstrates a basic understanding of Japanese in her mixed language streams and tweets -- though she says she needs to learn a lot more before she is fluent enough to comfortably hold a conversation. Her greeting is "おい おい おい ーーーはよーーうーございます" (Oi oi oiーーーhayōーーgoーzaimasu, a combination of oi (おい) and ohayōgozaimasu (おはようございます)), while her sendoff is "おい おい おい ーーーおやーすみーなさい" (Oi oi oi ーーーyasuーーmiーnasai, a combination of oi (おい) and oyasuminasai (おやすみなさい)). A "friendly neighborhood otaku", she is fan of Japanese media and writes about Japanese pop culture for Crunchyroll and Anime Feminist. When not writting, she enjoys lounging about, rewatching her favorite anime, making kawaii DIY arts, crafts, and decorations, and playing cozy video games.

Her personality can be described as Darudere: often very lazy and at times dull, it is not uncommon for her to usually ignore others and do whatever she wants unless someone she cares about persists her to. If she continues to complain about a task she may de-evolve even to become a chibi. When "electrified" with motivation, however, her personality can be described more so as Uzadere: Very loud and annoying, and a bit socially dense, but with a heart of gold. Her cannon catch phrase is ぐでごろ (gude-goro). Representative of her personality, this is a combination of ぐでぐで (gude-gude, an onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength) and ごろごろ (gorogoro, an onomatopoeia for loud rumbling, like rolling thunder, that also be used to describe a growling tummy or lazily rolling around).

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A prototype 「intelligent user interface virtual assistant」 abandoned in development, she lived in an old computer until she found an Ethernet port and escaped to the Internet. 🌐 Although she is nervous, EQ-135 hopes she can learn lots of new things, have fun, and make new friends along the way.

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