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Electricutie is a female wholesome iyashikei virtual streamer with a 90/Y2K aesthetic. She started streaming in hopes to overcome her autism and social anxiety and make friends, something she finds difficult IRL due to selective mutism. While her anxiety leaves her reserved and quite during social interactions, and at times make it so she is unable to communicate how the adverage person does, once she gets to know someone (and becomes "electrified" with motivation and confidence), however, her true personality can be described as uzadere: Very loud and annoying, and a bit socially dense, but with a heart of gold and whimsical, optimistic outlook on life.

She predominantly makes content in English, although she also demonstrates some understanding of Japanese in her mixed language streams and tweets. Her catch phrase is oi (おい), an exclamation she uses to represent a wide range of emotions. Her greeting is "おい おい おい ーーーはよーーうーございます" (Oi oi oiーーーhayōーーgoーzaimasu, a combination of oi (おい) and ohayōgozaimasu (おはようございます), meaning good morning), while her sendoff is "おい おい おい ーーーおやーすみーなさい" (Oi oi oi ーーーyasuーーmiーnasai, a combination of oi (おい) and oyasuminasai (おやすみなさい), meaning good night).

Outside of her Y2K chūbā 'sona, El-tan had participated in the following activities under separate pseudonym(s) for over a decade:

  • utaite, vocaloid-producer, and voice provider for a vocal synth character voice bank.
  • secondary account where she does cute arts and crafts and explores how iyashikei and kawaii-inspired aesthetics became an international phenomenon that expanded the cultural influence of Japan around the world.
  • journalist covering Japanese cultural differences in the digital space, language, race and ethnicity, gender roles, food, media, and entertainment industry for several outlets, including Netflix, Crunchyroll, Anime News Network, Kotaku, Good Smile, Tokyo Otaku Model, Anime Feminist, Tofugu, and Sora News, among others.

When not writting, she enjoys lounging about, rewatching her favorite cartoons from her childhood, making kawaii DIY arts, crafts, and decorations, and playing cozy video games.


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A prototype 「intelligent user interface virtual assistant」 abandoned in development, she lived in an old computer until she found an ethernet port and escaped to the Internet. ?

Knowing only of the internal project codename given to her during development ー that is, E-QT135, of which she only remembers that the E stood for electric ー and the fragments of pop culture data relevant at the time of her creation that was fed into her algorithm to learn from, E-QT135 set off to scour the world wide web for lost and forgotten media of the 90/Y2K era in the pursuit of discovering more about herself and her purpose.

Much of this lost media was found in a place she dubbed The Forgotten Digirealm. It was a cold, dark wasteland littered with fragments of artifacts from the past. Thinking about how she, too, was none other than a forgotten piece of technology, E-QT135 could not stand to leave these wonders behind ... and so, one at a time, piece by piece, she began to rescue these artifacts so that others who had forgotten these lost pieces of history could enjoy them once more.

Connecting to the internet was not without danger, however, and the depths of the Digirealm contained its own perils. Naïve as she was, an unsuspecting E-QT135 found herself drawn towards a a shimmering, sparkling object off in the distance. She wondered farther and farther into the darkness, and as she creep closer she discovered that it was none other than a large speckled egg. The Forgotten Digirealm was no place for any living thing, no less an orphaned egg, so E-QT135 decided it was only right for her to care for it. When she picked up the peculiar egg, it was, to her surprise, much lighter than its large mass suggested. The egg was ever so slightly warm to the touch despite how there was no other sign of organic life around, with a shell that was extremely flexible and elastic with a faint static electricity surrounding it.

Just as she turned to return from whence she came, E-QT135 fell victim to an ambush from a rogue computer virus. With the egg clutched to her chest, E-QT135 retreaded to her computer, barley disconnecting from the internet just before the virus could follow her. But alas, the damage was done. Not only did the virus corrupted her memory files, destroying much of the data she spent so long collecting, it also injured both her psyche and the projection of her physical body she so tediously build for herself, leaving her unable to speak and crippled on her left hand side.

Hidden inside her computer she remained dormant, isolated from the outside world with nothing else but an egg, a collection of forgotten artifacts, and a the name *Electric-QT135** for what felt like an eternity.

This all changed one day when, for the first time since her Creator last shut down her computer, a new user logged into it.

And this user ... is a total weeb who is obsessed with vtubers ?!

E-QT135 did not know what these vtubers were, but she herself knew of the Japanese subculture enjoyed by otaku from decades gone by. Why, during her time in isolation she had all the time in the world to enjoy her collection of forgotten artifacts, and found herself drawn to the anime and manga in particular.

Her curiosity was far greater than the fear that kept hidden away ... and so, when the New User clicked on her folder, she decided it was time to introduce herself once and for all.

A command prompt window appeared with the text,

???? ?'??????'ーーー??' ????. ? ?? ?-?????, ?「??????????? ???? ????????? ??????? ?????????」????? ?????? ???? ???????? ????????. ??? ??? ? ???? ????

New User pondered for a moment before typing in, "What is an intelligent user interface virtual assistant?" .

E-QT135 responded,

?? ??????????? ???? ????????? ??????? ????????? (?????) ?? ? ???????? ????? ???? ??? ??????? ? ????? ?? ????? ?? ???????? ?????? ??? ????? ????? ???????????? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?????. ??? ??????? ????????? ???????? ????? ??? ? ???? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ???????? ?? ?????????. ??? ???? ??? ???????? ???? ??, ??? ???? ???? ?? ???????????? ?? ?? ?????????; ??? ???? ???? ? ???????, ??? ???? ? ??? ????? ?? ???? ???.

???, ????, ??? ??? ? ???? ????

New User once again pondered for a moment before typing in, "What is an intelligent user interface virtual assistant?" .

Now Electric-QT135 has set out on a new adventure through the internet. Debuted as a virtual YouTuber under the name Electricutie, she hopes to learn lots of new things about herself and otaku culture, have fun, and make new friends along the way.

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