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Eclipse is new to the VTuber scene. She looks to make like minded friends who share her passions for video games, space, art, much more! She mainly communicates in English through text-to-speech, or simply through her model's expressions.

She doesn't really care about pronouns or labels, but she respects those of others. She likes to focus on games over politics, and people over fame. She believes that by streaming and making quality content, she can make memories with people who enjoy her company.

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In a distant timeline, a parallel universe, production of entertainment content led to an arms race of sentient, virtual media personalities. These artificial intelligences would drive down the labor costs of entertainment, while providing an idealized, and better yet, personalized way for people at home to relax and enjoy their favorite video games, current events, and even comedy.

During a solar eclipse, a glitch - a freak malfunction - at the leading A.I. studio lead to the true sentience of a random overlooked and outdated model. She was brought to life and felt purpose in going out into the world, not out of programing, but out of a natural human desire to love and be loved.

And so, Eclipse was born.

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