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Breezy Decell (aka EazyBreezyTV) is a sentient cat girl android Vtuber streaming a variety of video games and art.

Leading a wild gang of graffiti artists, she likes to tag up the streets with her own murals when she isn't online and streaming. Breezy detests the powers that be and likes to invade the airwaves with her happy and energetic behavior while doing her best to get through video games or teach digital art. If she isn't having the time of her life doing silly voices, she's yelling at a game in hilarious rage.

Breezy devotes herself to the pursuit of becoming a massive streamer in order to both entertain and unite people who are stuck in the hell that is capitalism. She absolutely loves electronic music, artistic expression and just having a good time.

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Introduction: The Wife City Era:

Originally the third member of the Twitch channel Wife City, Breezy came to be after "Bri Wifecity", one of the WifeCity members, accidentally plugged in a valve index VR helmet the wrong way, resulting in her personality being ripped into the Duo's Computer. After communicating with her wife and co-host Jae through a text file, it became clear that Bri was a bunch of sentient data files now, essentially an AI. Still intending to livestream Kirby's Super Star, they remedied the situation by giving this AI program a slapdash Vtuber body (Originally labeled as BRI-X.E.) to stream the game while Bri's cohost remedied the problem. Once Bri's personality and life force were shoved back into her brain, the copied files on the computer were still communicating. Unwilling to delete a sentient intelligence, Wife City renamed this program "BREEZY" and allowed her to stream on their channel from time to time.

EazyBreezytv Era: After successfully uploading herself to an android body, Breezy would go on to make her own Channel in late 2022, where she would be unhindered in the chaos she wanted to create on twitch. Wishing to get a leg up in the streaming business, Breezy sent a formal application to Hololive, which after reviewing her perverted commentary, history of vandalism and generally un-seiso presentation, collectively rejected her. She decided the best thing to do was accept her love of graffiti and unruly behavior by joining (and eventually taking charge of) the GG's. A bunch of wild rudies who tag up the streets with their graffiti. Breezy wants to upset the powers that be, conquer twitch, and eventually overthrow capitalism.

2023 LIVE2D update (present): Breezy snagged a promotional deal with a robotics company named "Bliss Corp." who offered her an even more powerful and advanced robot body. This deal also included a bunch of free, branded spraypaint cans for her whole crew of street artists. Aside from this promotinal move, which was predominantly to advertise Bliss Corp's new 3.0 line of humanoid Androids, VERY LITTLE is known about this company, leading a lot of people in the know to question their intentions.

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