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Draugrnaut is a male independent horror streamer who has places an emphasis on reviewing up-and-coming games and playing cooperative games with friends. He uses a Live2D model made by Vyckvym and has the persona of a himbo wolf boy with upbeat positive energy.

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Draugrnaut, or Draug, is the heir to a noble house of cynocephaly (dog-headed men) of Southern France with a rich history from Ancient Gaul, dating back many years before Julius Caesar`s conquest. This hardy race capable of enhanced vitality, extended lifespans, and heightened senses have been present in scholarly writing since the late classical period.

As the only of-age male fit for military service of his house, Draug fought in the ill-fated Seven Years War, returning from France`s defeat to an impoverished countryside in a state of uprising. Despite his best efforts to placate the masses, the winds of revolution were already at full speed. Draug arrived one night to his chateau to discover his family massacred by the starving peasants as a result of their mistrust and outrage at the economic state. For three years, Draug sought revenge against his vassals who now shunned him, seeking to repay the same undue sorrow and dread that had been wrought upon his house. Draug was dubbed the Beast of Gévaudan and took the fall for political upheaval by the reigning King Louis XV, with a bounty placed on his head and royal wolf hunters dispatched to make short work of him. This tumultuous period only foreshadowed the decades of chaos ahead for France.

Alternatively, there are those who say these killings were the result of Draug`s own unchecked war trauma. His lust for blood was an atrocity that had to be stopped. As it is now solidified in werewolf legend, a silver bullet to the heart made short work of him, or at least allowed him a believable path to exile. Forced to flee his title and home, Draug escaped to the territory of Louisiana where he had formerly saw military action. The now outcast noble wandered the English-speaking world through the march of history, eventually forsaking his native language and culture yet longing for the return to his former glory. In modern day, Draug desires to repair public relations. Using his impeccable flair (noir nails, spray tan, and haute-coutured uniform) the Beastly Baron delivers laughs and scares at his rebuilt CHATeau through horror gaming!

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