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Dirtybit chan – Bear Vtuber



Dirtybit Chan - is a VTuber Lives in Norway Speaking English and Japanese. Typical Norwegian Mobile Game Dev VTuber or you Can call Fun Run Dev VTuber and She streams Everyday! at 7 Weeks starting from Sunday. Her Japanese Name was ダーティビットちゃん (Dātibitto-chan), Her Birthday is August 5th, Her Favourite Food is Bread, Dirtybit's VTuber Who has More Subscribers than Kooapps' VTuber

Lore Edit

a Blue Bear Who likes this YouTuber named PewDiePie and He has a Special Secret for Dirtybit-chan to Have some Fun Together a Blue Bear Likes to Race and it's Being by the 1st Place in Finish line for Killing 3 more Runners

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