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DiffusedRiven is a Vstreamer based from Sweden.

They make mainly gaming content in English, for the foreseeable future they won't have any schedule.

They have a very relaxed and kind personality but can sometimes sound uninterested due to it.

They usually play action games such as Warframe or Risk of Rain 2 but are open to most games.

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DiffusedRiven or "Lilith Greenbell" (the lore name) is a crystalline being that helped prevent a cataclysmic event but got badly damaged during it, the results of the cataclysmic event resulted in Lilith getting stuck in the void for several years. The damages Lilith sustained during the event made them loose "shards" of themselves which contained memories and parts of their emotions. Now they have managed to get free from the void and are searching for their shards to regain their lost memories.

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