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Demeter Lupin

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Demeter is a furry, nonbinary, villainous bunny VTuber, with both an anthro and chibi/mascot form. They are a variety streamer who's main focus is comedy, inclusivity, and a more energetic/chaotic positivity to VTubing.

Demeter plays Sega games (Sonic, Super Monkey Ball, Yakuza, ect), party games (such as Mario Party and Jackbox), and casual games with farming. They also do Just Chatting streams, with some topics being Tier List Thursdays (where they go through a variety of tierlists), and open discussions on LGBTQ+ topics such as gender discovery/answering questions about transitioning. Demmy also enjoys 90's media/culture, cooking, candy (especially gummies), and idols.

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Demeter used to be a normal rabbit, used as a test subject on a remote, hidden island science lab. After testing to be given super intelligence, they started building a secret robot army and eventually took over the lab. Now with super genius abilities and a robot army at their disposal, Demeter vowed to take over the soon as they had a following of real people behind them.

To amass a human army, they've taken to streaming on Twitch to recruit minions (and make friends along the way). The human army is known as the Greedy and Malicious Evil Rogues of Society, or G.A.M.E.R.S., and they support their overlord with friendship, headpats, and gummy snacks.

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