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Del, the Runner

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Del is a male virtual streamer who makes content in English and Greek. He primarily does varied gaming streams, but has also made simple song covers and delivered cyber security talks on stream before.

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A netrunning prodigy from a young age, Del left his family home early on and went out to fend for himself in Night City - the City of Dreams. Whilst not the best with a gun, his innate knack for both tinkering and programming landed him enough work to sustain himself. At some point, he ended up taking shelter in an abandoned Megabuilding after a job gone horribly wrong. Realising the floor he was in was in decent shape, he decided to rebuild it as a safehouse, which now serves as The Runners’ Hideout. From here, he continues his work, trains with his fellow Runners – effectively a minor gang by now – and broadcasts his encrypted transmissions on stolen CitiNet bandwidth.

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