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Dawnie is a female neko variety Vtuber. She is known for having a comfy vibe. She is a very cute/UwU type of neko, as well as being wholesome. Although, she can be sus at random times. Her colors are pastel based, in both her hair and outfit. Her hair is based off her favorite ice-cream, which is bubblegum. Her eyes are violet, like her birth stone (Amethyst). She has a happy-go-lucky persona, and likes to make her viewers happy. She is also competitive when she plays FPS games. She likes to say "Nya!" when she is about to go offline.

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From a distant galaxy, within the 8th dimension, ruled a Neko goddess named Dawnie. She ruled over her planet for eons, until that one fated night. That night a curse was broken, unleashing the wrath of the Eldritch Ice dragon, causing her planet to delve in a deep freeze. As all of her patrons froze to death, she felt immense guilt, therefore tried to challenge the ice beast. The battle was difficult, as most of her powers was given to protecting a land that was once hers. In order to preserve her kingdom, she encased it in a pink crystal, trying to preserve its glory, while everything else fell apart in despair. She mustered up the last bit of her strength, her magic, to teleport herself like a comet towards safety. She travelled far until she reached a planet, filled with life. Her decision was to thrive within the profound energies of the planet, to gain her powers back, to defeat that Eldritch Ice Beast.

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