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Dakorca, Orca or Daki is a female Vtuber featured in indie Vtuber group, Lovendria. She primarily streams ROBLOX, Just Chatting, Garticphone and Vrchat but her content varies. Her OC and lore is heavily inspired by the roman and italic mythological deity "Orcus" who is associated with death and orcas.

Lore Edit

Dakorca, full name Orcus Dakorca- is a demonic orca who rules the underworld, commonly described as the champion of death by mortal humans, she is thought to be the face of death, a taker of souls and a punisher of broken oaths. Dakorca is often mistaken for a male god, although, her descriptions do not fit her persona. She is extremely positive, silly and a lover of cute, soft bunnies.

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