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Dontashi (stylized as d0ntashi) was an English-speaking Vietnamese Vtuber whose theme surrounds in automobiles and motorsport. He streamed weekly on Twitch, including an automotive Twitch podcast called "VirtuaApex" and uploaded content and stream archives on his YouTube channel. He has graduated since January 11, 2023.

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Far into the distant future, d0ntashi is a humanoid AI test driver for a racing team called "proto racing". Created via a loophole in the governing bodies regulation, he's created to test the capabilities of the team's newest racing machines, and being an AI, he can process and send feedback more effectively than human test drivers, thus can help the team refine the car better.

Other racing teams adopted this idea, but one stood their ground and refused to because they we're a "traditionalist".

One day during a practice session, one of the personnel's from said team sneaked into proto racing's garage and sabotaged his car, so as he took the car out for data collection hours later, the car's speed limiter was removed, and he reached speeds that broke space-time and somehow sent him back to the present day, the car with it. It was wrecked.

Now with a new world surrounding his vision and losing contact to the team's network, his programming glitched out and became self-aware...and because of it, guess what he founded first?

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