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Mimi Valentine is an angel of love trying her best to make it as a V-Streamer on Twitch. She mainly plays Genshin Impact and various RPG Maker horror games. Mimi is a digital artist andoften streams art rather than host gaming streams. She identifies as a Menhera. Though her appearance is cute, Mimi uses very crude language and enjoys causing problems on purpose. Her birthday is 05/31 and she stands at 4'11" (150cm).

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Mimi is a fallen angel from Heaven, which is ruled over by many Demigods and the One True God. Originally made to be a subservient angel who was to do the bidding of her God, Mimi never learned to think for herself. They are an angel of love― though they were never actually allowed to matchmake. After a millennium of forcing her feelings to the side all for the sake of being good, Mimi broke and committed a horrible sin, resulting in the violent removal of her wings. Being banished to earth for the slaughter of their God, Mimi sought out a new home and new friends, eventually becoming a NEET streamer.

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