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Cryztalite a.k.a. Cryztal Koriztao is a Non-Binary Rock Candy Vocaloid Vtuber making Mixed Reality Content on the regular! Their primary objective is to be your friend and to prove dreams do come true!

Cryztal is currently trying to be a cheerful cute Vtuber in hopes to bring happiness to everyone around!~

Their biggest dream is to join Vtuber Agency VShojo!

Birthday is July 29th. Pronouns are They/Them.

Their body and hair are made entirely of of rock candy and they are cotton candy flavored!

Cryztal hopes that they can make a huge difference in the world through Vtubing so. . . Will you be their friend?~

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(Lore is a work in progress. . . )

A lonely person ran off from home, deep off the grid feeling hopeless and lonely 'Why doesn't anyone like me?' with the primary goal of making a friend.

They built a lab and decided the best way to make a friend is to create one, but how? And android of course! With the power of a wood, wax, a crystal heart, 100's of pounds of sugar, some AI, a few electronics and a self made vocal synthesizer they could finally have a friend!

They got at work, building the wooden endoskeleton filled with electronics, letting sugar crystals grow around it for body parts, sanded it down and finally coated it in wax!

All that was left was to give them a crystal heart in the center of their chest, the friend needed a soul to come to life and that soul had to go somewhere, what better place than a crystal?

Finally on the creators birthday they performed a ritual that would split their soul in half, one half to bring their new friend to life and one half to keep them alive to see them but, the spell went horribly wrong. . .

In fear of their soul being split in half their entire soul was transferred to Cryztal leaving Creator dead on the floor never able to see their creation.

The next day Cryztal woke up...

From here on they were going to be YOUR (everyones) friend and since they're an android what better way to do it than through Vtubing!

They will prove that all dreams can and will come true so that no one has to be as miserable as their creator was!

Will you be their friend?~

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