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Crescella is definitely a h̶u̶m̶a̶n̶ alpaca ENVTuber. She is a various streamer that often stream gameplays—wide range of games, but mostly horror (RPG, psychological). She also do art streams occasionally.

She is a chill streamer by default. But do not poke her! Even alpaca can be in a rage sometimes.

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Have you ever heard about the tale of the moon rabbit? You probably have. But what about moon alpaca? This is a little story mom told Crescella, a name given to her based on the crescent moon, when she was a young child.

There was once an alpaca species known as Pacanians that inhabited a planet called the Alpacalypse planet. The planet was constantly in a series of apocalypses, so the Pacanians initiate a grand exodus in their rocket and private shuttle in the hope of a better home. Several years later, a certain group of Pacanians in their small shuttle almost lose their hope of survival after drifting in spaces for a long time with their scarce resource, until they landed on a certain moon. Luckily, the moon seems to be suitable for the Pacanians habitat as it is quite vast and cozy for an alpaca its size. And they're able to utilize the resource on the moon to recreate their habitat by trading and craftsmanship. Decades later, the Pacanians stayed on the moon living a normal life and renamed their species Moonpaca. But still, a Moonpaca was very lonely and bored, as their numbers are small and are dying for attention from other species. Therefore, sometimes the Moonpaca would show their shadow from the moon, in the hope someone noticed and come visit it.

And as young girl, Crescella takes belief in the tale to another level. Finally, after several years of research, she managed to find a glimpse of the Moonpaca. In an attempt of luring one of the Moonpaca to visit the Earth and come with her, Crescella wears a cloak with features resembling alpaca.

"No need to be shy, moon alpaca. I will be your friend. I know! Once I have managed to befriend the moon alpaca, I should call them Alpacella!"

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