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Creme Angelfluff

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Creme Angelfluff is a female Puerto Rican Vtuber and streamer who loves to play and have fun! Is a really big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Always tries to be positive even when they're sensitive. Loves to be silly!

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Hi nya~ I am Creme Angelfluff! I am a Kittopian from outer space and here on Earth I am Puerto Rican~<3

My planet of origin is thousands of light years away, but I was able to land here after encountering a magical rainbow yarn ball wormhole (you had to be there, haha) that transported me to this planet! I just want to have fun nya~☆

I mostly do variety streams, but I really love video games! I hope I can play a lot, nya nya! !

I also want to dabble in art, writing, crafting, karaoke, asmr, chatting, and lots of other fun things. There's a lot to do on Earth, so let's all have fun! ^.^

My other hobbies are animation, manga, reading, journaling and listening to music

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