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Cosmic Kittea



Cosmic Kittea is a slime-girl PNGtuber and aspiring streamer. She prefers the pronouns she/they since she is a nonbinary slime and can shape her body however she wants but chooses a feminine appearance. She is about 13.8 billion years old, like the universe she is old but still growing! Whilst assimilating herself into human culture she's taken on a humanoid appearance; cat-girl, created a human name for herself; Ken, and chosen a birthday for herself; 1st of May zodiac; Taurus. She often likes to stream games like Stardew Valley, Genshin Impact, Breath of The Wild and Animal Crossing.

Lore Edit

Cosmic Kittea is the Queen of the Cosmos. They are a Celestial Slime being as old as the Universe itself.

She is particularly fond of planet earth, being the most creative and unique planet within the galaxy and containing her favourite creations, boba tea and cats.

Her fondness for cats and tea is where she gets the name Kittea. When she decided to descend to earth and live amongst earthlings she chose the name Kendelle, nicknamed Ken, in order to fit in.

When learning about earths customs she chose the pronouns she/they, since she more inclined to look feminine but also being a cosmic slime being she can shape and change her body anyway she pleases.

With all this in mind she seeks to always protect those precious to her, and wants to experience life amongst earthlings to its fullest. She wants to learn about humanity’s different cultures and customs even though she knows she will never fit in… but she doesn’t mind because the opinions of her true friends and followers are the ones that matter the most.

CosmicKittea hopes to make many friends before she returns to the cosmos so please enjoy your time here and greet everyone with a warm welcome. Thanks for joining the Kittea Kingdom~! ♡


Skin; she contains her slime body within a human like appearance, but her body is still see through and full of star-like freckles. It ranges from colours of pastel pink and purple, before fading to blue on her arms and legs.

Hair; her hair is also slime therefore it has a rounded appearance, and like her body it is full stars and pink/purple/blue gradients.

Eyes; she has complete heterochromia, her right eye is pink with warm peach hues, whilst her left eye is blue with purple and green hues. Her eyes are cat like in appearance and full of tiny star sparkles.

Clothes; She has many outfits but her favourite is her comfy casual clothes, where she wears a pink hoodie with a star window cut out in the front and smaller ones on her shoulders. Her skirt is a deep purple to light blue gradient, her leggings also have a purple gradient but with the right fading to pink and the left fading to blue. She also has star, planet and moon shapes hanging from her skirt and little cat ears on the top of her leggings. Her shoes are pink and blue sneakers but inverted to her sock colours.

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