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CitrusCatastrophy is the Vtuber Owner of the Citrus-Mart - purveyor of fresh product, fine memes, and no sales tax! The Citrus conducts Vtuber Interviews, plays variety games, and conducts research on the ongoing development of the Vtuber Community worldwide.

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Under a thousand, distant thrones in the Great Lore, the Citrus manages a humble market. Catering to all virtual citizens of the Everywhen, the Citrus appears as an orange wedge with a knife through the back. The knife never rusts, never decays, and is always sharp. The wedge is eternally jovial, never upset, and always smiling. Perhaps this is why business is always good? There is no unrest in the Citrus-Mart. Ever.

For there is a saying. "Buyer beware." As the centuries pass, the market has always existed. There has always been some form of produce in charge. And no one has ever been able to threaten the establishment. It is said that on dark blue moons, one can faintly see smoke rising from within the bodies piloted by the many wedges. It is also said that if you look closely at the bodies, some have distinctive identifiers of the dearly departed.

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