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circuit breaker

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circuit is an electric-themed variety VStreamer who streams various games and art. In the future, they also intend on working on code on-stream!

Streams with circuit are often quite chill. However, depending on the game being played, they can be packed with nothing but chaos! While they have stated they have no intention to become famous since they stream for their own enjoyment, they appreciate any viewers that come their way. Make your presence known in chat, and they will be sure to greet and thank you for coming!

Outside of streams, circuit is a college student studying Computer Science. Fans can often witness them complaining about their classes both on air and off. They can also be found often in their close friend Kishiko's community, hanging out in chat or the Discord and doing behind-the-scenes work such as editing.

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A seemingly normal person living a seemingly normal life. However, if you look closer, you'll realize that who you see is nothing but the projection of another, hidden far away in the depths of the universe. After all, the circuit you know and love isn't the real one. But who is?

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