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Chiiyemi is a ENVtuber who generally only types. They also speak english. They are a selectively mute vtuber. Chii loves art, music, the paranormal, science, the earth, chill vibes and YOU. Chii is a mature streamer due to occult topics and occasional vent art.

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Back in the 40s corporate America and The Government of the USA joined hands and made a secret organization called the 'Helping Hand'. This small group of insanely rich humans used black magic and science to create a strange creature. They named this creature CHII. No one knows exactly what they used to create it. They kept the creature under heavy surveillance and solitary confinement. Eventually the creature learned to adapt to human behavior and became a cute anime girl to appeal to their better nature. Chiiyemi spent many years alone drawing in the deep dark core of area 7. Chii thought they would be trapped forever being contained by the helping hand. One day a young Barista saved Chii and allowed them to live and work in his café. Chii now spends their time streaming, gaming, and reading tarot.

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