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Chii Nymphia

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Chii Nymphia is a nymph VTuber who makes (mostly) calm, cozy content in English. She's a variety streamer and streams games, chatting streams (ChiiChitChat), and co-working ProDUCKtivity streams (sometimes showing off her art WIPS). She loves retro games and is an avid fan of the Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon games (her mascot, Moonbean, was inspired by Luma, the Koroks, and Espurr). Her dream is to one day stream full-time and to create a kind, welcoming community.

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A nymph born from a Cypress tree who guards a mysterious Bayou and cares for its fae inhabitants called Moonbeans. As part of her guardian responsibilities, Chii helps those who get lost in the Bayou. Occasionally, she has vague, dark memories of a life she doesn't remember living, which makes her feel apprehensive towards others. Due to this, Chii helps well-intentioned travelers pass through the Bayou safely and entertains them along the way, while those with malicious intent meet a swift end by her staff.

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