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Celestialinari is a ENVtuber who likes having discussions about anime, random/ weird facts and video games that just catches their eyes. They mostly like play using mouse/keyboard, arcade/fightstick, and controller if need be. They also like giving new life to game characters that don't have much voice acting to being with. They like learning new things from almost all kinds of communities.

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Celestialinari is a 3000 years old being created from an inverted blackhole. They travelled from many universes, meeting all manners of inhabitants that would teach them amazing things. They collected souls throughout their journey, but they still felt alone throughout travelling thru different universes. Soon developing Multiple Personality Disorder, they enjoyed the company they have. (Even if it's inside their head.) But, after a few millenniums, they reached our universe and saw the amazing things Earth and this universe has to offer. Now determined, they settled in Japan and is attempting to turn willing souls into Yokai. To make the Ultimate Yokai Parade! They now play videos game of almost every genre and continues to work on this dream of their.

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