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Celeste is an independent VTuber who does ASMR, tarot and variety streams!

Celeste streams at 10 PM MST! Check her social media for schedule days!

Lore Edit

"Long long ago a divine being was born on a cold snowy night. Born to a Demon King and a Lovely Angel. And thus the Goddess of Memories came to be.โ€

Celeste is the Goddess of Multiverse Memories without a heart, who fell from the Celestial Realms after causing a few problems in other realities in the Multiverse. She was taken from a beloved reality and the one who she vowed to protect, now spends her days waiting for the chance to go back. In the meantime, she's still trying to learn what having a heart means, protecting memories and relaxing humans with her voice and playing games to keep her boredom at bay.

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