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catharsisuh is a VTuber that streams a variety amount of content on Twitch. Her vibes are mostly comfy gremlin, although it can get to the most gremlin-like way possible.

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Kat is the owner of Persik Bakery- a family-owned bakery in an unknown mystical forest, after inheriting it from her father. Many magical creatures come to the bakery to savour the baked goods there, making the bakery one of the favorite spots for everyone in the forest, and making Kat one of the beings these magical creatures look up to.

However, there is no denying that there are some loud rumours regarding Kat.

Some say that when the sun sets and the bakery closes, you could hear Kat uttering some words. These magical creatures can't put their finger on what they mean, but they know it sounds "futuristic" or "foreign" for them.

For you who reads this on the wild Internet, it's just Kat living her streamer life. Don't tell anyone in the forest about that tho...

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