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catharsisuh is a variety VTuber that streams whatever game she has on her library or whatever work she wants to show on Twitch. Her vibes are mostly comfy gremlin, although it can get to the most gremlin-like way possible.

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Katheryne Persik is simply just a baker in the magical woods of [REDACTED]. Persik Bakery, originally owned by her father, is her pride and joy. Known for their famous pastries, magical creatures all over the forest come to the bakery every day to savor them.

Little did they know, Kat's a streamer whenever the bakery closes. There's some buzzing rumours about it, like the PogChamp "spell" Kat's trying to create, but her secret is still well-kept hidden.

But alas, she was given a responsibility that any magical creature wouldn't believe- a great chance to be the heir of the magical forest's throne, becoming the forest chief.

After the current chief's sudden passing, she along with magical creatures from different parts of the forest must work together to protect the forest from further harm. Her position is marked with the crystal pendant she wears every day.

Can she balance between being a protector, a baker, and her secret as a streamer? Well... no idea. At least things are still going smoothly as usual for now, right?

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