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Captain Papo is a Pirate VTuber who makes gaming content in English. He plays a variety of games as well as, art, crafting, skits, shorts, voice acting, learning new languages, and collabing with friends. He is best described as silly, greedy, loud, and a bit empty-headed. While being a connoisseur of gold and all things shiny, he won't let that distract him if someone is in trouble.

He claims to be a world-famous pirate, but no one's heard of him and he lacks a pirate ship. He goes on many adventures to try and fund/build a pirate ship. He loves meeting new people, making friends, and hopes to expand his crew! So far his crew consists of him and his partner Beans the Monkey.

Papo's birthday is September 28. His height is 182 cm (6'3"). His zodiac sign is Libra.

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Papo was a simple fisherman alone at sea. One day, he fished up a map in a bottle that lead to a secret island. Filled with curiosity and hopes to find treasure, he quickly sailed straight to the island. Once on the island, he saw a giant temple with a gorilla face on it. He nicknamed the island GorillaGorilla Island and quickly ran inside, setting off all the traps. Making it to the bottom floor of the temple he saw a bunch of golden bananas and a chimpanzee mask on a pedestal. He was mysteriously compelled to put on the mask and once it was on, the gold melted, and the entire temple collapsed.

Papo emerges from the rubble and notices he had tattoos on his arm. He tried desperately to take off the mask but to no avail, it was forever stuck on his head. He also realized he has the strength of ten gorillas (more or less) and returned to his ship to contemplate what to do next. He decides to become a legendary famous pirate of the seven seas.

He planned to build a pirate ship that could, not only set sail but also take flight. But he requires a lot of gold and a crew. Logically he decides to make videos on the internet and entertain the masses to achieve his goal.

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