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Canin Rose

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Canin Rose is a Vtuber based on Twitch. Canin posts daily flowers on her twitter and her arts and crafts via tiktok. Canin is a silver rose fox, she wears minimal clothing and sports an eyepatch, the design shows a seed bag with a heart above it. Canin claims her sword it used for "cutting grass".

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Once upon a time, there was a silver fox.

The little silver fox slept amongst the flowers, living her life peacefully.

Yet, peace never lasts, and the little fox was targeted by the young twin gods.

The young gods picked up the little fox by her tail, plucking her eye out to keep in a jar for their next prank upon the mortals.

The little fox wept, crying in pain- a kind goddess swooped down to the field of flowers, cradling the little fox.

Seeing her siblings' cruel jokes and their impact on the little fox, the goddess gifted the little fox a new eye, a seed of hope.

From the seed, the little fox grew, morphing into a woman. Her eye was replaced with a single beautiful shining rose.

–But, flowers wilt in time and grow again with love and care.

The little fox needs your love to grow her seed of hope. Will you be the one to grow her rose?

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