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Cadashi Togami

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Cadashi Togami is a Steampunk Vampire, not only does he produce gaming content but soon he'll be posting on his podcast about anime news, Ghosts, gaming news/reviews and has already posted his first animation and currently working on a series for his animations! Also in recent news he's studying to do his own rapping covers, start his own manga in 2023, even he's going to study to be a Game Dev.

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42,253 years ago when Cadashi was only a 253 year old Vampire, he was looked at as a protégé in the KinKyu Clan of the Vampires. Praised for his intellect and Soul Core abilities he was eventually placed to be the leading General of the entire KinKyu army. But due to his ability to invent advanced technology to the point within the next 10-20 years, he'd invent Nano Tech. The Super Humans of the era seen them as a threat to themselves, though these humans weren't afraid due to the Vampires being evil since the only race who were was the Humans themselves. They opening admitted to their horrific ways and wish to rule over all but the Vampires were the main ones that frightened them the most, due to being born with their own special power, affinity to magic and their natural born abilities. Though as time passed the humans with their cunning ways despite being known for their evil actions, convinced every other race that the Vampires committed a onslaught of death, which the humans themselves devise using transformation magic. All races gathered again the KinKyu clan, though they fought well every single Vampire fell but one. Due to a friends intervention his death wouldn't be permanent using his full might he summoned every bit of energy and summoned his HellBringer Avatar to burn all his enemy's to nothing, not even a speck of dust was to be seen. He soon fell to the ground to be covered by nature until he awakened once again 10,000 years later when he was 10,253.

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