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Bushi Mac

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Bushi Mac (サムライマック) was a English Virtual YouTuber who is a renowned Oni-Samurai reigning from the Kyoto Clan who is a fanatic of anime, gacha, and Pepsi products. He primarily streamed to his fans while providing a wide variety of relaxed and serious gameplay as well as his chill talk streams where he ponders "dank memes" with his sponsored guests in his tavern. On his off time he was able to be found attending the local shrine paying due respect to his former clan. His birthday is 17 October and measures at 180cm (5'11). His zodiac sign is Libra.

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Reigned as a distinguished Oni-Samurai from the Kyoto clan in the 1600s, "Mac" has thought to accomplish everything in life until a mysterious time traveler threw a can of Crystal Pepsi and a anime figurine which subsequentially brought him to the modern century through a odd wormhole. Despite being foreign to this new era, Mac has successfully been culturized to modern standards of "anime" and has began to conquer the world... one doujin at a time.

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