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Bunny Biih

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Bunny Biih is an Android capable of changing her animal form through the DNA she chooses, currently she feels more comfortable being a rabbit. She came straight from the cyberpunk universe to your small screen showing her drawing skills and crimes in gameplay, please keep her away from the kitchen too. she and the stove don't get along.

( The DNAs she has in her database range from Cat to Rabbit, but more DNAs will be added in the future )

Bunny started her live career in 2020 and keeps it up to this day

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Bunny was created by a company focused on illegal racing, but in the end the company was destroyed by another android and Bunny found herself free, being able to decide and do whatever interested her without being forced to stay only in the racing world.

Currently Bunny has developed a small robot to be his company and named him Lo8e, the two venture together through the Cyberpunk universe and also through the internet. But it didn't take long for another "being" to appear and join Bunny's adventures! Bob the tentacle who came straight from space to be a Barmen.

With that Bunny continues her days drawing, tasting Bob's drinks and talking long hours with Lo8e.

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