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Intergalactic petty thief, tax evader, and streamer Bug is coming at you live! Blasting your airwaves with supersonic audio-visual technology from the past’s future! Jacking into the system with all the classic VG hits that Bug will make sure you come to know and love again and again and again! That is of course when they’re not blowing both your eyes and your mind's eye with immaculate masterworks of art – all for the low low price of your time and pleasure, and what deal can be sweeter than that? NOTHIN’ THAT’S WHAT!

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The subject is of extraterrestrial origin, suspected home planet is n'secta 252. Green exoskeletal skin, orange eyes composed of ommatidia, and black mane-like hair running down the back of their neck. The subject's biology appears to be closest to members of the Mantodea order, particularly the species Hierodula majuscula. Remarkably, however, the subject’s true species is able to alter their physical form. So far we have only observed one other form, that of a humanoid. Furthermore, the subject has not shown the ability to alter skin, eyes, and hair color. Whether or not this shapeshifting is purely cosmetic, or a full biological overwrite is unclear. More testing will need to be conducted.

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