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BrokenArcFae, aka Arc, aka Fae, aka ArcFae is a nonbinary gaming V-streamer.

They play a variety of genres, with a focus on obscure retro games with an anime flavour, be they good games or true trash. Their favourite games include Digimon World, Lost Kingdoms 2, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, and NieR Replicant.

They use a PNGTuber model using Landitube, because they like messing with technology and art, and the PNGTuber model means they can stream despite any body image concerns.

They like to share random (possibly useless) information, so you're sure to learn something new in their streams.

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Doesn't hugely stick to a character for lore, but they are a Cyber Gremlin who possessed a gaming PC and started streaming.

In their day to day, they test software to learn how it works, and to see how it breaks. Causing more than a few glitches here and there, they actually look to show off the good in games that others might not have seen before to varying degrees of success.

Existing on the internet, BrokenArcFae has gained a fountain of useless knowledge that they often share, but are hungry for more information. They've grown an appetite for anime, manga, mythology and history, and each new fact helps them grow, and express themself in new ways.

But who knows what their ultimate form could be?

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