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BluJayMix is an Indie English VTuber who makes plunderphonics remixes of movies and series (mostly Steven Universe), and other music as well, using FL Studio and Ableton Live. He streams music production and games like American Truck Simulator, GTA and Rocket League once in a while. He plans of streaming games like Amid Evil, Lethal Company and Audiosurf.

Prior to becoming a VTuber in 2022 (thanks to inspiration and encouragement from chibidoki), Blu had been doing IRL and music production streams for 6 years, inspired by Windows remixes and Pogo along with the other plunderphonics artists on YouTube.

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BluJayMix is a small blue-haired isekai'd human who was once a little blue space bird and living in the cosmos with his family. He found some magical particles in space and accidentally floated through it causing him to crash-land into the US, woke up human and has resided there ever since. He is of petite formHe has a hyper and loud personality, so he really wants to find a place to stream where he's able to be as he currently lives with his family. His goal is to stream more often, grow his community, make more friends, do hangouts and overcome his social awkwardness and anxiety.

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