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blueeyespark is a VTuber who makes content in English.

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"hybrid of a Neko and a vampire king is left to die in a forest for being a stain against humanity but gets taken in by the lycans, she’s trained to fight till she is 15 and begins to think about how her life went down hill after losing a fight with another warior, she begins to seak revenge against her father as she packs her stuff and heads to her birth place, after going back to the kingdom of her father she burns it down in a firey fury, as she watches the kingdom burn she see's a kid staring back at her, hatred in his eyes and tears streaming down his cheeks as he holds his dead mother in his hands, as she see's this she realizes what she has done, not just taken vengance on her father but left hundreds to die in her wake, she decides the only way to make this right is to bury herself alive and never awaken again, until the year 2077 when she is discovered and awoken by scientists after being discovered she finds out she's part vampire and has inherited ability's from her farther when she finds out she's the last of the vampires she begins to tear up, she becomes filled with guilt and promises to do what she can to avenge the people she hurt, becoming a dark priestess she resurrects people with her new found powers which doesn't work as intended she begins to feel alone as she travels the world till she finds a group of preformers where she trys to speak with them but the power of the dark priestess came at a cost which makes her speak robotically as her voice is robotic from losing her vocal coords and having them replaced by a voice box to enhance her powers, she begins to hope there's still lycan mentors to teacher her how to use her ability more effectively and stabilize her voice, she decides to walk up to the performers and ask what they’re doing and they tell he they are putting on a show and take her to their place after realizing she doesn’t have a home to go back to, where she learns there's more to life then hatred and suffering

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