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Bimbi is a fourteen inch tall frog from space. Bimbi records videos for YouTube. They are a lifetime fan of tabletop RPGs and have been writing their own games for many years. They would like to run a role play group for vtubers. Bimbi has very specific taste in games so their favorites aren't very well known. Bimbi's favorite game is Hellsinker. Bimbi learned to the 3D art program Blender to create their own model, and has since used it to create memes and art for his game projects such as Sundogs.

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Bimbi was born and raised far from Earth and developed an interest in Earth's internet as a young child. After acquiring a personal space craft they would travel to Earth and assume a low orbit to steal wifi. On one occasion their spacecraft was struck by a satellite and plummeted to Earth. It homed in on the wifi router it was connected too, and crashed into the garage of a human named Dave. Bimbi now lives in Dave's house where the two have a turbulent but steady friendship.

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