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Beko Genning

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Beko Genning is just your fun of the mill Bekoneko/Demon Cat not to be confused with a Turkish Kitchen Appliance. She enjoys hanging out and having fun. A very casual gamer at heart who innately also has a habit of breaking games due to curious nature. Has no tolerance to horror genre and is the biggest scaredy-cat you will have ever met. She is a massive chatter and a salmon devourer. Is canonically 162 cm in height (53 cm) and 12 salmons in weight. Her birthday is July 6 and has O+ blood type.

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A stray cat is found and cared for by a little girl in secret. The girl passes away after experiencing an accident and the cat licks up the blood in mourning which imbues the cat with demonic powers turning them into a bakeneko. They shapeshift into the girl and take her place in life. This fused their souls into one and birthed demon cat girl, Beko Genning. As a bakeneko, she gains human level intelligence, shapeshifting powers, possession, curses, manipulating the dead, and perception into multiple universes and timelines through her demon eye.

This new form granted her a new life or so they would hope; however, they were forced to hide their true self for many years for fear of being slain by the family who took her in. At the family’s wishes, the bloodline was expected to all become Holy Warriors which meant that her older sister was a priestess whose mission was to smite out all demonic entities.

Once it was found out that Beko was a demon cat, they had sealed her away in a wristera filled cenote. Stripped away of a physical body, this imprisonment lasted centuries. The only time she could physicalize was when the rays of the full moon touched the water which held her prisoner and even then, she was never allowed to venture far from the water.

The only way for her to find freedom is to make a contract with someone who will allow her to possess them as a host body. This arrangement causes her to be an unlucky maneki-neko since instead beckoning you towards good fortune, she beckons you to curse and possess those who allow her to. Due to her experiences or lack thereof, her dreams and aspirations are to learn and experience everything life has to offer. She has lived multiple life cycles in search of this fulfillment.

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