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Bear is a male vtuber that streams in predominantly English but is bilingual and will allow Spanish in stream chat and respond in Spanish. Bear usually streams Horror, survival crafting, or fps games such as 7 days to die, Fallout, Dead Space etc. He is also very interested in indie horror titles so expect those every once in a while, plus he has informal English to Spanish classes on Saturdays when available. Finally Bear is very proud of his Native American roots and will gladly speak of them on stream, he is from the Nahua-Pipil tribe of El Salvador central America.

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About 500 years ago Bear, known as Tlacamayeh Tepeyollotl at the time, worked under the gods Huehuecoyotl and Tezcatlipoca as a nagual. Destruction and pestillence soon came to the people of the land and it even affected their gods, with less people to worship them their power waned. One day Bear requested a meeting with his patron gods but there was no answer. for over 400 years Bear has been roaming the spirit and mortal worlds looking for his gods. Now he is attempting streaming to get a wider reach and have a primitive sort of omnipresence to further his search while also teaching mortals of his gods and hopefully recovering their powers. Bear bases a lot of his streams with horror due to the fact that Tezcatlipoca is the god of darkness, supernatural aspects, and the north. Bear can be really unlucky, gets easily lost, and can be pretty dumb in things not related to health due to his connection with Huehuecoyotl, the trickster god. Huehuecoyotl had a tendency of trying to play pranks but having them backfire; Similarly with Bear a lot of his actions end up having bad luck. So there is a lot of chaos in his life and streams.

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