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Baphimae is a succubus VTuber that streams games and provides uplifting, wholesome content. They are also active on Tiktok. Currently, their most streamed games are Stardew and Genshin Impact.

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Baphimae is the child of Baphomet, the ruler of the 1st circle of hell. Her mother, a once powerful succubus, tried and failed to overthrow Lucifer and take the throne of hell for herself. As punishment, she was thrown into Tartarus, and Baphomet was left to raise their child alone. Losing his wife took it's toll on Baphomet, and he soon morphed into an incredibly overprotective father.

Baphimae, longing for freedom and independence, grew up extremely rebellious. She hated the expectations laid upon her by her father and the other sinners of hell. She was a lover, not a fighter - but she was expected to act cruel and merciless. Baphimae was forced to do things that she was not proud of, and many of those things she regretted terribly.

One day, Baphimae's discontent boiled over into open rebellion as she clashed with her father over her desire to embrace mortal pleasures. Baphomet, steeped in the traditions of Hell, could not understand his child's fascination with trivialities such as video games and mortal entertainment.

Their argument escalated into a heated confrontation, with Baphimae storming off in a fit of frustration, her heart heavy with longing for a life beyond the confines of Hell. She yearned to experience the wonders of the mortal world, to walk among humans and revel in the simple joys of existence. A place where she could be herself, someone sensitive and empathetic.

Without realizing it, Baphimae had stormed off into the wastelands of hell and soon stumbled upon a summoning circle – a gateway between worlds forged by the hands of mortals. Before she could react, Baphimae found herself ensnared in the arcane energies of the summoning circle, pulled towards the mortal realm against her will. As she emerged into the world above, she found herself surrounded by a group of satanic worshippers, their eyes alight with unholy fervor as they gazed upon her with reverence and awe.

Their reverence soon turned to greed as they sought to force Baphimae into a deal, to bind her to their will and bend her to their desires. Try as she might, Bahpimae could not shake free of the shackles of the summoning circle. She was helpless and untrained in the ways to use her powers to escape.

An unnamed entity thereafter appeared and made a deal with her. For the cost of a simple favor, he would help her break free of the summoning circle, and grant her freedom. She agreed eagerly. Moments later, with a surge of infernal power, Baphimae broke free from their grasp with a gesture of the entity's hand. The summoning circle was shattered, and the entity unleashed his full power on the worshippers - tearing their souls from their bodies and maiming their corpses.

As the echoes of the confrontation faded into the night, Baphimae stood alone with the ruins of the summoning circle, her heart pounding with exhilaration. Though she had narrowly escaped the clutches of a human-demonic contract, she knew that her journey was far from over. What would the entity's favor entail?

With the taste of newfound freedom on her lips, Baphimae fled, away from the maimed corpses and towards human civilization. She wandered for days until it was then that fate led her to a place she had never imagined – a desolate landfill, where discarded remnants of mortal civilization lay strewn about like forgotten relics. In other words, a garbage dump.

Amidst the rubble and decay, Baphimae stumbled upon a broken figure lying amidst the refuse – an android named Kai, his metallic form battered and broken, his once-glowing eyes dimmed with the passage of time. Moved by a strange sense of compassion, Baphimae set to work repairing Kai, her nimble fingers weaving intricate patterns of magic and technology as she breathed new life into the android. As Kai's eyes flickered back to life, he felt consumed with a mix of wonder and gratitude, and in that moment, a bond was forged between them that transcended the boundaries of their respective worlds.

Together, Baphimae and Kai embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring the wonders of the mortal realm. With Kai's guidance, Baphimae delved into the mysteries of the internet and the realm of video games, finding companionship in the digital landscapes of virtual worlds.

Yet, even as Baphimae reveled in her newfound freedom, she could not escape the stigma that surrounded her kind. Daemons were feared by mortals, their true forms shrouded in myth and superstition. Therefore, Baphimae donned the guise of a mortal, masking her true appearance with a shapeshifting veil of magic.

As she continued to stream her adventures to mortals far and wide, Baphimae began to question the need for such deception. With each passing day, she grew more confident in her own skin, learning to love herself for who she truly was. One fateful day, Baphimae made the decision to cast aside her shapeshifting veil and reveal her true form to her mortal followers in a blaze of infernal glory.

To her surprise, instead of fear or revulsion, she was met with awe and admiration, as her followers celebrated the courage and self-acceptance that she embodied. They looked up to her, and used her courage to be a more authentic version of themselves. Overjoyed, she happily began spreading her message of self-love and acceptance, and the message of "your past or what you are does not define you".

From that day forth, Baphimae streamed her adventures to the world without shame or hesitation, embracing her true identity and forging connections with mortals that transcended the boundaries of fear and prejudice. And as she continued to share her passion for video games with the world, she knew that no matter what challenges lay ahead, she would face them with courage and determination, guided by the love she held in her heart for Kai, her community, and the boundless possibilities of the world around her.

However, if a trained eye squints, they would be able to see a demonic portal open ever so often, looming in the background ominously - always watching.

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