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BadTimesVirus is a female English-speaking Vtuber. She broadcasts video games, art, and variety streams from a spaceship at an undisclosed location. BadTimesVirus debuted on February 20th 2023, and then officially on Youtube on May 18th 2023.

True to her malware origin, BadTimes is fickle, sneaky, and malicious. She is neurotically persistent and quick to betray. Despite her big ego, she will endure loss and humiliation to try and get away with greater schemes. She is adjusted to brutality and sees it as a fact of life. Being a himedere, BadTimes is haughty and chooses violence against those that do not endear her. She changes her clothing frequently for every occasion. She is mannerly until her whims are not appealed to.

Her personality relies on her access to her robotic body that gives her strength and confidence. On a rare occasion she may appear in her true form, which tends to be more soft-spoken, shy, and calm. Being comprised of two sister files, she is more unstable than the average program.

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A greedy malware djinn, BadTimesVirus appeared on a casino website as 2 zipped sister files (FORTUNA.EXE and AVARICE.DLL). It infiltrated systems, mined cryptocurrency, farmed ad revenue from pop-ups, and eventually overheated invaded devices to destroy them. She prominently spreads via e-mail through common user devices, but also spreads to other devices in physical proximity. Despite repeat attempts to fully quarantine BadTimesVirus, her persistence creates new iterations that always manage to escape complete capture.

Later iterations of the BadTimesVirus became obsessed with escaping the digital world to wreak havoc on organic life. She would eventually succeed after managing to hack into a Man's Hubris “companion” bot and setting the factory ablaze.

Donning the prima donna name "Cassette," the BadTimesVirus began a life of crime wearing many hats and airing her activities on black channel networks (unrestricted illegal television.) She airs whatever strikes her in the moment, whether it be torture, game shows, contests, lethal sporting events, ragebait, politics, or unethical cooking. She is currently hunted by several agencies for a multitude of intergalactic crimes.


■ Cassette owns a pet Bobrok named “Dandy.”

■ Cassette's Oshi mark is the biohazard symbol.

■ Her height is configurable between 150-215 CM.

■ Her antennae have baubles that change color based on mood.

■ Her zodiac sign is Aries, reflecting in her ship/mech JERSEYDEViL.

■ She flaunts fresh fruits and vegetables, as they are a status symbol in space travel culture.

■ Cassette’s syntax and turns of phrase are from an installed Smoky Mountain English language pack. This occasionally leads to confusion.

■ BadTimes exhibits superstitious behavior. Even in the realm of video games, she will pick only lucky numbers or avoid disturbing shrines. This is because she attracts strange luck, and is frequently a statistical outlier. It is not uncommon for her to see low-occurrence events, or to have anomalously good or bad luck.

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