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Early 2023
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Every 3.78 Day(s)
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Aurum is a transgender retrowave alien VTuber and VStreamer embracing his love for media from times old and new. He crashed on Earth one day and decided to stay and assimilate into society. He is a variety creator, playing different games for his audience and enjoying his time with them.

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Aurum was going for a ship ride around the galaxies. He would often go on short trips at high speeds, eventually turning around and going home to his planet when he was bored. Aurum happened to be exploring the Milky Way galaxy, a galaxy he'd been to before, when he lost control of his ship right next to Earth. His ship began to crash, his speed increasing as he entered the Earth's atmosphere. He braced himself for a lethal crash, his arms tightening on the ship's yoke and his eyes closing tightly. He'd rather not see his supposed demise. After what felt like hours, his ship made harsh contact with the ground. He opened his eyes moments after he felt his ship stop falling, relieved he was still alive to tell the tale. Aurum got out of his now damaged ship, inspecting it as blue smoke emerged from the engine. Never a good sign. He looked up and saw a man staring at him from his back door, eyes wide. Aurum was not in his human disguise, proving to this Earthling that aliens did in fact exist. This man took him in, helping him assimilate into human society. Months after being taken in, Aurum's parents found him at this man's residence, and insisted they take him home. Aurum pleaded with them to stay, and they eventually gave in, as they used to live on Earth for a time. The three of them now reside together on Earth. Aurum now masquerades as a human in most places, but with those who are close to him, he can show his true, intergalactic self.

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