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Aulorable is a Spicy Tsundere Bartender, who is fun-loving and teasing all the same. Better for adult audiences, she streams on Twitch and does ASMR content on Youtube.

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Let's start off by saying, "Well shit... I did it again."

Here's What you need to know about your average bartender. One, They know how to mix drinks- the basics if you will. Old Fashioned: Cubed sugar crushed with three dashes of bitters with just a tiny bit of water. Then you add in your bourbon, garnishing with a twist of orange peel. Two, They know how to hold basic conversion with five words or less: 'I feel ya...', 'Sounds rough...', 'Another one?' , ' Need another drink?' , and 'He/She/They did not!' Three, They always give those they like free drinks. Aulorable isn't quite like that.

Aulorable does all these basic things, and quite a bit more. Instead of just another drink, Why not a snack or some food too? She'll hook you up with some of those famous blood cookies while working her magic on some new cocktails for you. She will not only hold basic conversation with you; She will CARRY the conversation just likes she carries the teams.((She really doesn't)) Also, It's not just free drinks, free food, free hugs, and free advice. It's a free home. Aulorable does what she can to make things as homey as possible. Because thats where her heart is.

And home is where the Heart is.

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