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Atrocious O. Invader

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Aoi is a vtuber who mostly makes art and stream video games, their content is mostly focus on illustrations and fun stream to make viewers laugh, they also use UTAU and makes UTAU covers because they cant sing for shit.

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Surface level lore: They're an alien from a faraway planet that comes to Earth to cause world domination but to achieve that goal, they have a plan to take over the world by giving the lovely Earthlings a reason to smile!

(cw: death & suicide) So when Aoi comes to Earth, they looked for some random Earthling who looks like them so they can brainwashed and commit identity theft. But they happen to encounter a suicidal kid at Aokigahara who looks almost identical to Aoi. They introduce themself to the kid but the kid then ask the alien to kill him so they can take his place in life, but Aoi doesn't want to kill any Earthlings so they lie to the kid that they agree but instead of killing him, they knock him out and hide him in a frozen tank while they disguise to be him infront of his family and friends.

AFTER ALL THAT, our silly little alien decided that going on the world wide web to search for the ways of world domination and found the existence of Vtubers so they have decided to become one for their plan by taking over Earthlings' hearts!

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