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Asuda Mayu

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Asuda is a female Virtual streamer on Twitch. She's a gamer and a variety content creator. She loves meeting new people and making new friends!

She started as a lone cat roaming for a home. She was figuring out her destiny. Now she lives happily in her own cozy home and does what loves: gaming! She loooooves food, and is very defensive against anyone who gets in the way of her hunger. Her favorite food is strawberry creme cake.

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Asuda doesn't exactly know where she came from. She woke up as a cat. A frightened, confused cat.
Soon enough, a lone cat.

She needed to know why she's here.

One day, Asuda heard this message from a voice in her dreams.

"In the spirit world . . are spirit animals. Long ago, super-human . . species were . . . able to develop their . . . spirit . . animal's traits. As years . . went by, we diminished . . . in numbers. Some . . could change. . . Some couldn't. .

Asuda . . . you are. . . . a Neko . . ."

Asuda didn't understand.

"Who is this voice? Is this a past memory?

What is a Neko..? And does this mean..."

Yes. Asuda is a shapeshifting catgirl. But, she can only morph into a cat or a catgirl. Only thing is, as a catgirl, she still has her ears, her fangs, and her tail!

Nobody really notices Asuda as a cat, but many people notice her as a catgirl! But for her, too much attention can be overwhelming. Asuda is timid and likes her peace and quiet. Times when she wants to be alone, she becomes a cat. But she thinks it's easier being a catgirl. She can do fun things that humans do like wear cute clothes, cook yummy food, and most of all, play video games!!!! ^__^

"I've learned to embrace being a catgirl. And I love it. I love me.

But I still don't understand. . .

Was I a part of the spirit world...? The cat spirit world......?"

Asuda still seeks the answer, but for now, she desires to make friends, make memories, and make happiness everywhere she goes ~

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